Heritage2health relies on its amazing and passionate volunteers in order to develop and run its events.

Anyone can get involved as the stress of the clinical environment can sometimes stop you from being able to get to know the people in your care. These events allow you to spend time out in nature where you can relax and have fun together whilst learning how to build relationships, co-ordinate teams and manage a large event day. Behind the scenes you can learn how to chair meetings, raise money and manage a budget. After the event you will also learn how to facilitate a critical reflection with your team. 

This year we are asking for your help, not just to be a Heritage2health volunteer, but to help us share our story so far and to share our vision that one day there will be a Heritage2health network in every university in the UK. Please do get involved. Heritage2health is a great way to link your theory to practice and to become the best nurse you can be.

You will be supported at every stage. To recognise volunteer’s achievements, we run a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award H2h Blue Butterfly Scheme, which is great for your CV. Once you have attended the training you will receive more information about your role on the day.

If you are a student nurse volunteer, attending the training and event days count as practice hours. H2h will provide a Mentor Letter to inform them of your involvement and the number of hours you have volunteered. You need to seek your mentors support so we advise you discuss this learning opportunity at your first meeting. You claim back travel costs as part of your practice experience.

How do I sign up?

To find out more, please e-mail the H2h coordinators on h2hbuddies@gmail.com. Details about training and event day will also be e-mailed and posted on Canvas.

What volunteers say:

Volunteers say H2H is a transformational learning experience, as people meet ‘people as people’. Volunteers develop their skills to connect, innovate, be flexible, co-ordinate and be confident in collaborative leadership. Volunteers state that H2H deepens their understanding of the complexities of people’s lives, changing their attitudes to inclusion and ability, and challenging assumptions of what people can achieve.

Alexia, who qualified in 2014:

“My experience of H2H has shown me that no matter what a person has been through they can smile and prove to the world they can carry on. This organisation brings many extraordinary lovely people together and it allows for fun and laughter to happen. Being involved with people that have a disability is a wonderful learning opportunity as it allows me to explore their ways of doing things which is fantastic for my future nursing career. I feel that my time spent with H2H was a valuable experience that I will treasure. I have made many new friends as we all have the same kindness and motivation to do better for people. During H2H event it was lovely to help and to talk to others whilst been surrounded by the great British countryside.”